Is Veena the only naked Pakistani?


Pakistani actress Veena Malik, sporting an ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) tattoo in reference to Pakistan’s controversial spy agency, on the cover of an Indian magazine FHM (For Him Magazine). Its promo reads: “ISI + Counter Terrorism + Hot Naked Chick = THE HOTTEST WINTER EVER!!” PHOTO/Foreign Policy

it seems
religion’s existence
society’s values
national honor
are all glued to female flesh

the moment female flesh is exposed
religion, national honor, society’s values
gets unglued

“Islam is in danger”
“Pakistan’s name is tarnished”
“Kanjari” or “whore”
and much more has been said and written about
as a reaction to
Pakistani Actress Veena Malik’s nude pictures

instead of going after Veena Malik
why not concentrate on
Pakistan’s birth deformities
and other ones, added by
the politicians, feudal lords, army
bureaucrats, capitalists, Islamists
the United States, IMF, World Bank

Is she the only one without clothes?


the naked and broke British
before leaving the Indian sub-continent
gave Pakistani army some arms and ammunition
but couldn’t afford to supply any clothes
so since its birth
the Pakistani army has been a naked force
it’s new Master, the US, the naked emperor
doesn’t care to cover its own modesty
nor those of its clients

Pakistan’s Army has country but no clothes

Asif Zardari

this very openly naked President
is hard pressed for time
(on the one hand
it’s the fear of the army coup
on the other hand
he has to defend himself against
the equally naked and
most vicious right wingers)
otherwise, he would have covered himself
with more dollars, pounds, franks, …

Imran Khan

this playboy turned pious politician
is not any better than the other hypocrites
the only difference is that
he covers his privates with a custom made Islamic leaf

Muslim fanatics

Al Qaeda, Taliban, other Islamists
they don’t wear anything
except hatred, intolerance, bombs, weapons, …

Nawaz Sharif

had been prime minister twice
planning to run again in 2013
and his political account is filled with
corruption, censorship
disrespect of judicial branch
befriending Islamists, …

his account has no garments
and thus his nakedness is there for all to see

(his brother, Shahbaz Sharif
Chief Minister of Panjab
is on the same boat too)

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