“Sister” Veena’s power


Pakistani Mufti Abdul Kavi feels
actress Veena Malik is a peach
Allah has endowed my sister with beauty
… Allah likes beautiful people.”

Veena shot back:
“If you’re preaching your type of strict Islam
then you shouldn’t even see me in this condition
[in a sleeveless dress and uncovered head]
you could be punished publicly

“All Muslim clerics and scholars
are allowed a single glance of a woman
but more than that makes them
eligible for punishment”

Mufti didn’t say what was in his heart
because he feared people’s wrath
though Veena may know it perfectly well

Mufti was thinking:
“Sister during daytime
in my bed by night
[a South Asian saying]

the Allah given little mufti of mine
stopped breathing long ago
it is your charm which resuscitates it
and so I need many more glances.”

B. R. Gowani can be reached at brgowani@hotmail.com

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