Obama’s religion laced diplomacy

By Harsh Kapoor (South Asia Citizens Web)

Having just spoken to ‘Islam’, wonder when President Obama plans
speaking to Hinduism, to Christianity and other such enterprises.
Given the nature of the widespread disease I am not surprised not to
read any voices from the progressive circles so far to stop Obama and
his advisors in their tracks and tell them not to peddle Huntington.
The Inter Faith / Inter Civilization industry is a booming business
in these times of crisis. Remember Divide and Rule is an old ploy. We
in South Asia have paid a heavy price in the past, and killing in the
name of religion, ethnicity, culture etc continues play havoc in
Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal. A programme for bread
and butter and social -civil rights for all and a clear separation of
Religion from the affairs of the State is the best route take. Stand
up for real secular democracy that acts and sets aside all this
religicised, culturalised, and essentialised way of looking at the
world that divides and separates. Posted below are three comments on the pitfalls of Obama’s religion laced diplomacy.

(Harsh Kapoor is the editor of South Asia Citizens Web)

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