She stole my heart


Father and Daughter by Miriam Schapiro IMAGE/WikiArt

She came into the world, scrawny, messy

and wailing

Didn’t know how to react, as Dad was I failing?

Driven by norm I rejoiced as expected

Expectations learnt over years I hadn’t perfected 

A father daughter bond is more special than anything

Books, movies, people, all said that same thing

Held her in my arms, for that electric jolt

But to my dismay, there was no such bolt

Lost in baby chores, diapers and tears

Days became months, months became years

Then one Monday i was to drop her at day care on my way to work

Absent minded that i am,  forgot, drove on auto pilot to work

Reached office, while parking, then remembered

My baby of 15 months was home alone

Panic, fear, pity, anger, remorse 

All flooded my mind simultaneously, with full force 

Spun my car like crazy, tires screeching

My Accord flew forward, speed limits breaching

No road sign, no traffic mattered

Just my munchkin in mind, i drove on undeterred 

Completing a 45 minute trip in twenty

Got back home to the front door, turned the key

She lay on my red recliner sobbing, no more tears left, such was the case

Tears dried up on the sweet angel face

I grabbed her and squeezed her tight to my heart

I was so moved, relieved and heart broken, i didn’t want to part

I smothered her with kisses till she broke into smile

Babbling nondescript sounds which sounded like happiness for a while

From that day till today

She has stolen my heart away

Everything they said about a dad daughter relation came more than true to a win

Sometimes things just take a little longer to kick in

Since then even the semblance of a tear forming  in the corner of her eye

Makes any protest a losing proposition

Drives me to do what it takes 

to make a smile return on the innocent face

Like having a cute boss at home 

that i can play with, cherish, scold, but never win against

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