Trump strategy to hold on to power


Trump sent US national guards to Portland, Oregon PHOTO/Duck Duck Go
The Globo-Godfather (in red tie) surrounded (from left) by his son, son-in-law, daughter,wife, another son, and another daughter in October 2016 after the last debate. PHOTO/Vocativ
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the last debate in October 2016 Photo/Duck Duck Go

in October 2016, Trump hinted he wouldn’t accept the election results

last Sunday, he said the same in an interview with FOX’s Chris Wallace

President Trump has sent the National Guards to Portland, Oregon

his excuse was to protect federal property from the protestors

local leaders say federal agent presence have increased violence

unidentified federal agents in unmarked cars are kidnapping protestors

Trump even suggested sending troops to Chicago and other liberal cities

what if he sends in the National Guards a day or two before the election

on the pretext that federal property is under threat or some other pretext?


another strategy under action currently, is against the Chinese

China has been asked to close down its consulate in Houston, Texas

the US, not a member of UNCLOS, has asked China to respect water treaty

UNCLOS stands for the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

it’s strange but this is how the United States has operated since its birth

Trump is increasing his powers by doing things not permitted

most of the time he gets away with horrible and obnoxious things

Trump is not a full fledged fascist yet

but we have to remember it doesn’t take long to turn into one

in November 1923, Hitler tried to stage a coup but he failed

he spend nine months in a jail

by 1933, Hitler was in full power

in 1945, he committed suicide

but not before killing millions of Jews and others

Democrats are almost mum about Trump usurping more power

if Trump turns into a Hitler-like figure

the Democrats will switch party and become Republicans

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