Top 10 strangest statues in Prague


From ghosts to hoaxes, the city has some oddities in stone and metal

Prague has more than its fair share of odd statues on public view. Some contemporary ones were designed to make the viewer ponder, while others reflect the city’s long and peculiar history. A few look odd, and others have bizarre tales to tell.  Here is a list of 10 significant statues that one can only find in Prague.

We ignored giant horse statues and saints on or near bridges, as these are everywhere in Europe. Even war memorials didn’t make the cut, as these could be a topic on their own, each with a story to tell. And we only chose one example of Normalization era art, as this is another topic that could fill a whole book, and it has. Even after all that, it wasn’t easy to pick just 10.

There is no way around the work of Czech sculptor David ?erný when following the tracks of significant public statues in Prague. He is known across Europe for his modern, provocative and original works, which often stand in contrast to the historical places where they are situated. He has created plenty of sculptures that can be found all over the city and could fill this whole list, but there are three works that are especially noteworthy. Among others, we had to leave out his Man Hanging Out, Quo Vadis, Embryo, Tuned Death and In Utero, the latter a giant stainless steel structure depicting a pregnant woman, which adorns a square in Dlouhá Street.

1. Piss by Cerný

Piss statue by ?erný

In Malá Straná, on the small plaza at Cihelná 2b where the Kafka Museum is situated, there is a fountain made by ?erný in 2004 titled Piss. It is typical of his body of work: both controversial and amusing. The basin of the fountain is made out of bronze, and it is formed in the shape of the Czech Republic. Two men are standing on opposite ends, and they appear to be peeing onto the country.  Visitors can even send an SMS to the fountain, and the men will write the message into the water.

2. Horse by Cerný

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