NAACP & ADL approach against Facebook is not very bright


PHOTO/Duck Duck Go

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is just interested in money

he has met Trump so that he doesn’t act against Facebook

hateful stuff is common on Facebook and other social media sites

Facebook is under pressure to take off hate-inciting materials

Zuckerberg is so powerful that he doesn’t care about such things

that is, up until now

NAACP, ADL, others joined hands to force advertisers to boycott Facebook

the ADL or Anti-Defamation League is an Israel Lobby in the United States

it silences people who are critical of Israeli occupation of Palestine

NAACP’s record is not unstained either

it supports big harmful corporations to get a bit of money

some of the big companies have started the boycott of Facebook

the list is growing by leaps and bounds

the boycotts are all temporary and won’t have much effect on Facebook

what is really needed is to ask people en masse to quit Facebook

this could be made possible by involving Democratic Party leaders

they with celebrities and others should convince people to boycott

this will save the people from more ignorance and misinformation

it will also help them to escape the clutches of Zuckerberg

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