Domestic & international violence


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“Cartoon on the May 22, 1902 cover of Life magazine depicting American application of the water cure while Europeans watch. The caption reads: “Chorus in background: ‘Those pious Yankees can’t throw stones at us any more.'”” IMAGE/TEXT/Wikipedi

the bigots in the US have two major outlets to vent their hatred

the US armed forces, and

the deadly police force

the 1st one is for those people who wants to kick foreigners’ ass

the 2nd for those who either want to stay local or

who couldn’t qualify for the first to brutalize minorities

the facade of course is that

the US rulers are very “decent,” “civilized” “peace loving” people

they don’t like wars and take all steps to avoid wars

but they have to go to wars for opening up markets for US corporations

to force other countries to buy US goods and services

and to snatch the sweat of those nations’ labor at dirt cheap rate

usually by bribes, threats, stopping aid, embargo etc. it works

but some leaders refuse to let the US exploit their resources/labor

it’s at that point the United States decides to take a violent course

because if you let one country get away with it; others will follow

this happens constantly and allows the arms industry to flourish

the side benefit: the racist/xenophobes gets a chance to torture and kill

without almost any kind of fear, they commit all sorts of atrocities

against the foreigners they have never seen who are thousands of miles far

electric shocks, beating, kicking, hanging upside down, water cure, etc.

Wikipedia entry on water cure defines it as

“Water cure is a form of torture in which the victim is forced to drink large quantities of water in a short time, resulting in gastric distension, water intoxication, and possibly death.

“Often the victim has the mouth forced or wedged open, the nose closed with pincers and a funnel or strip of cloth forced down the throat. The victim has to drink all the water (or other liquids such as bile or urine) poured into the funnel to avoid drowning. The stomach fills until near bursting, swelling up in the process and is sometimes beaten until the victim vomits and the torture begins again.

in the late 1890’s, Spain ceded Philippines to the United States

the United States stayed there till 1946 when it granted independence

J. R. McKey, one of the soldiers working under Gen. John Pershing, wrote:

“U.S. soldiers … had a pretty good cure for juramentado [Moro swordsmen] activities. Knowing the horror of the Mohammedan [Muslim] for any contact with swine, and particularly with its blood, these American roughnecks, when they had killed a juramentado, held for him a very public funeral. The body of the defunct bad man having been deposited in the grave, a pig [,Islam prohibits Muslims from consuming pork,] was brought, stuck, its blood sprinkled freely over the D B M, the dead pig thrown in with him, and the burial completed.”

Vietnam is another country that suffered war, torture, and atrocities

about 3 to 4 million Vietnamese were killed in one of the longest US wars

historian Noam Chomsky lists many of the US presidents as war criminals

some of the following things were used by the US to destroy Vietnam

Thirty billion pounds of munitions spent. Seventy million liters of herbicidal agents (like Agent Orange) sprayed. Twenty-one million bomb craters created in the South. Four hundred thousand tons of napalm dropped.”

on the domestic front, the police continue their reign of terror

they commit murders and atrocities uninhibited with no fear at all …

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