Maher: “Biden is our only hope against Trump.” Really?


VIDEO/Real Time with Bill Maher/You Tube

Bill Maher hates Trump from the depth of his heart

nothing wrong – the guy is disgusting and deserves it

the problem is his support for an equally repulsive Biden

Maher’s May 8 show had a segment on Tara Reade

Reade was legal assistant to Senator Joe Biden (1992-93)

she accused Senator Biden of “sexual assault” in 1993

Maher is right that “accusations” should be taken as such

rather than passing a quick verdict on the accused

(on May 9, Maher has been accused of sexual harassment)

Maher is critical of the time Reade chose to come forward

“when Biden is our only hope against Trump” in November

the first time Reade made an allegation was in April 2019

Maher should have known that Biden has a problem

why didn’t he support Sanders who has no such issues?

Biden had talked about cutting of social security & medicare

Maher talks about economically vulnerable people

why then support a candidate who’s not for those people

Maher is a hypocrite who’ll vote for any crook but Trump

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