FOX (Farts of Xenophobes) & CNN (Corrupt Nasty Nobblers)


CARTOON/Flow Journal/Duck Duck Go

watch the two popular TV news channels of the US, CNN and FOX

the FOX defends unabashedly Republicans and Trump hideousness

Fox has people like Chris Wallace who questions Trump propaganda

they are few whose voices are lost against nasties like Sean Hannity

FOX incites the racist/misogynist/bigoted elements of the Republican Party

but like Trump/Republicans has no concern for their economic welfare

FOX has been in the business of creating hatred for and fear for long

FOX has problem with foreigners, LGBTQ, Muslims, you name it

CNN does ditto, with a bit of sophistication, for Biden and Democrats

CNN is the exact opposite, it’s very inclusive – it’s motto, all abroad

CNN has all the nice words for women,people of color, LGBTQ, etc.

CNN takes all of them abroad but refuses to feel their pain or misery

the CNN philosophy is the same as that of the Democratic Party elite

CNN and the Democratic Party elite are on the neoliberalism bandwagon

so are the Republicans, Donald Trump, and the FOX TV people and owners

the different parties CNN and FOX support may look lie they’re opponents

but that’s wrong because as far as the class is concerned they’re one

they both detest to varying degree upliftment of the common people

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