Trump wants to win the election – the macho way


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Donald Trump’s father was a racist, business fraud, and a tax cheater

Trump is a racist to the core, his businesses are fraud, he’s a tax cheater

none of these could disqualify him from becoming the US president

the only requirements are: (the written one) US citizenship

(the unwritten ones) 100s of millions of dollars & the art of bullshitting

thus Trump became the 45th President of the United States

he also wants to win the second term but on his own terms

arrogance of Trump forbids him from taking any steps conducive to unity

his sadistic nature prevents him from doing good for the common people

he’ll most probably win the November 3, election, if he doesn’t postpone it

either because of Biden’s ineptness or Tara Reade’s charges against Biden

but what if Biden really wins the election with millions more votes

Trump refuses to accept the result, and declares the election rigged

if Biden supporters come out on the streets to proclaim victory

armed Trump supporters will flood the streets, causing a civil wa

to avoid the tragedy, Trump could do the following to win & maintain peace

Trump has to simply allocate dollars – a few trillion or so

for creating millions of jobs and help the common people survive

they’ll build/repair hospitals, highways, roads, educational institutes, …

attention should also be paid to build homes for the homeless

Trump has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do great things

if not taken care of timely, “Trumpvilles” will crop up all over the US

a bit if history …

President Herbert Hoover didn’t manage well the 1929 Great Depression

homeless people built “Hoovervilles” shanty towns through out US

it took nearly a decade and a half for normalcy to return

the US entry into WWII & defense spending helped revive the economy

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