Return of the $electable dead


A Leni Riefenstahl film
Written by Dr. Goebbels
Produced by the DNC—
Set in summer in Milwaukee: 
“Return of the $electable Dead.” A
cheesy, creepy Capitalist Hill cult 
classic of $campaigns, $elections 
skullduggery, Dim-witted duplicity

Schmo Biden misses his autopsy and
refuses to check his embalming fluid
and a formulaic film’s in the making—
A bone-chilling horror history full of
Twists and turns, mass incarceration, 
capitalist immiseration, coups, sanctions, 
invasions, assassinations—nothing new here

The trailer’s trash—engorged with 
gratuitous violence—and laden with
special effects—like gory scenes of
Voting machines morphing into
guillotines. And Iron Lady Killary clones,
Schmuck Cheney-Schmo Biden bones
flying up from underground bunkers
marked “Electoral College,” “Wehrmacht 
Ghoul School,” where confederate generals
Work disguised as joint chiefs of theft; and
greasy-thumbed accountants are counting
kickbacks and pallets full of $100 bills…

Black Agenda Report for more

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