Mother Earth is an unfortunate mother


IMAGE/Duck Duck Go

Our Mother Earth is approximately 4.5 billion-years old

it has seen numerous ups & downs, many flourishes & ruins

but it did survive all: the best and the worst of times

that is, until a century or so ago

“Accumulation in the atmosphere of greenhouse gases, especially those resulting from humans burning fossil fuels, has been found to be the predominant cause of global warming and climate change.” IMAGE/Wikipedia

the Earth’s atmosphere allowed millions of different kinds of lives to evolve

never did they say “thanks” to the Mother Earth

not because they were mean, selfish, or arrogant

it was the lack of their linguistic development – as we understand it

but one specie Mother Earth let evolve, grow, and succeed vastly

the only one who also addressed her as “Mother” & “Goddess”

appears to be the one that will also prove to be her nemesis

human beings will not only destroy the Mother Earth

but will, in their race to unhinged greed, also annihilate themselves

but not all of Mother Earth’s children are bent on the worst outcome

it’s just the few with the most power and greed, ones who don’t care

IMAGE/Truth Out

that gang is led by the most disrespectful, avaricious, criminal called Trump

he hates to regulate anything which hinders his money-making propensity

so instead of addressing the global warming, he shouted it down as a “hoax

Trump’s real mother once wondered:

“What sort of son [Donald Trump] have I created.”

and today, Mother Earth probably echoes that wonder:

“What sort of monster have I permitted to evolve in my lap.”

what indeed!

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