Hussaini Brahmins and the tragedy of Karbala


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Hussaini Brahmins are a great source of inspiration for all those who believe in plurality and unity in diversity, and also who wish to uphold the truth irrespective of colour, cast and creed

“For Lahore, like my elders, I will shed every drop of blood and give any donation asked for, just as my ancestors did when they laid down their lives at Karbala for Hazrat Imam Hussain.” Sunil Dutt

The tragedy of Karbala reminds us of a great sacrifice given by Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) alongside his kinsfolk and companions for the sake of Islam. He sacrificed everything what he had in terms of men and material only to uphold the dignity and veracity of Islam.

Yazid, the incarnation of evil, tyranny, hypocrisy, mendacity, and malfeasance wanted Imam Hussain (AS) to take a pledge of allegiance on his hand and thereby affirm his despotic and immoral style of governance. Imam Hussain (AS) rejected his coercive and illegitimate demand. Imam Hussain (AS) realised that his submission before Yazid would be tantamount to an endorsement of his autocratic and unjust government that was erected in utter contravention of the pristine and democratic principles of Islam.

Thus, the fierce battle between truth and falsehood ensued on 680 A.D. Imam Hussain (AS), the epitome of selflessness, intrepidity, courage and forbearance with his small contingent of faithful followers faced the storm of tyrant forces valiantly. Nearly, all of the members of Imam’s (AS) household and companions were martyred one by one even six years old infant Hazrat Ali Asghar was not spared, and was decapitated ruthlessly.

Accounts reveal that seven brave Brahmin warriors from Lahore died while fighting for Imam Hussain (AS) in the battle of Karbala. According to one account, their father Rahab Dutt, an old man who traded with Arabia in those days, had promised the Holy Prophet (SAW) to stand by his grandson in his fight to uphold the truth.

It is said that when Rahab Dutt found out that enemies had surrounded Imam Hussain (AS) and his family in Karbala, and wanted to spill the blood of innocents; he along with his seven sons reached to help him. His seven sons laid down their lives for the sake of Imam Hussain (AS) in the battle of Karbala

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