Naked dis-enlightenment


“Warmer ocean temperatures may make the air aloft warmer and moister. That wetter air is then brought into the storm system, producing large amounts of snow. CARTOON/Emily Greenhalgh/

dictators want to control everything: people, logic, science, …

despots also want you to believe the nonsense their twisted minds imagine

India’s Modi has a theory on elephant-headed Hindu Lord Ganesh

plastic surgery” existed in ancient India and Ganesh is its proof

Brazil’s Bolsonaro began his presidency by assailing the Amazon Jungle

agribusiness will profit hugely; its lobby controls the agriculture ministry

United States Trump added Alabama on the path of Hurricane Dorian

despite the fact that Alabama was not in the hurricane’s path at all

National Weather Service (NWS) refuted US President Trump’s claim

but “I say the earth is flat, then it is flat” type idiots never give up

Trump fought back; claiming he was right, though he was totally wrong

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) backed Trump!

NOAA, NWS’s parent agency, didn’t need to support Trump’s false claim

no one at the NOAA were to face Galileo Galilei’s lifetime imprisonment

Galileo’s crime was his notice that our Sun didn’t revolve around the earth

how far the subservience of government agencies to this cretin will go on

if tomorrow he claims that the earth is larger than our sun & other planets

will NASA produce pictures/videos showing our Solar System as such?

what happens if the scientists start giving in to the whims of the autocrats?

the world will turn into a den run by a group of dis-enlightenment despots

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