The world turned upside down?


The World Turned Upside Down? Launching the 2019 Socialist Register

June 29, Left Forum, Long Island University
1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY

Amidst the palpable confusions regarding what sense to make of this world in a political conjuncture marked by Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ US presidency as well as Europe’s ongoing economic and migration crises, marked not only by Brexit at one end and the modern Greek tragedy at the other but also by the rise of the xenophobic political right at its central core, there are few certainties any longer regarding the trajectories of the leading states of global capitalism. In this context the need for sober class analysis on the left to assess the balance of social forces as well as ambitious strategic thinking on how to change that balance to create space for socialist alternatives has never been greater. This is what this launch panel – featuring the contributors of four of the most original and important essays to the new volume of the Socialist Register – seeks to address.

Nicole Aschoff, ‘America’s Tipping Point: Between Trumpism and a New Left’
Alan Cafruny, ‘The European Crisis and the Left’
Doug Henwood, ‘Trump and the New Billionaire Class’
Leo Panitch, ‘Trumping the Empire’
Chair, Greg Albo, co-editor, Socialist Register

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