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Allahbama is one of the most conservative states in the United States

neither is it Muslim majority, nor is it under ISIS/Taliban/Al Qaeda/… rule

no – it’s full of Christian nuts hell bent on turning it into Christianstan

the Christian loonies have passed draconian laws on abortion

almost all abortions will be banned starting November 2019

abortions will not be allowed even in cases of rape or incest

doctors performing banned abortions could face life imprisonment

Crusaders’ cruelty is clearly visible when it rejected Senator LC-M proposal

State Senator Linda Coleman-Madison had made the following proposal:

mothers denied abortion should be provided medical & free prenatal care

(several other states have passed laws making abortion more difficult)

does it mean the United States is controlled by Christian fanatics?

Godly peoples’ arguments are most of the time fucked up idiocies

they worry about the unborn babies – REALLY?

but they don’t give a shit about the starving/dying ones who’re already born

or the babies murdered by US bombs or killed on the US borders

it’s always the poor who suffer the laws enacted by the not-so-poor

the rich like Melania/Ivanka go to other states/countries to get abortion

the poor get overwhelmed with the economic burden of the newborn


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*(Allah means God in Arabic language. Allahbama is to be taken as a Godly state.)

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