Bolton’s itch + Trump’s troubles = war on Iran?


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Bolton’s itch

during the campaign, Trump talked non-intervention in other countries

Bolton, on the other hand, loves planning and waging wars

on other countries, of course, far away from the US

he wholeheartedly supported the US war against Iraq

2017: he forced Trump to leave room for reversal of Iran treaty ratification

and then … he became Trump’s National Security Advisor

best position, the mad bloodthirsty beast Bolton could hope for

now he’s itching for wars against Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, …

the North Korean leader has become friends with Trump, so no war there

China and Russia interests and opposition saved Venezuela from US fury

Iran is the easiest target, AND Israel and S. Arabia also want its annihilation

USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group sailing Iranian vicinity

IMAGE/Duck Duck Go

Trump’s troubles

Trump is trapped in a trench of troubles

tax evasions, business frauds, corrupt practices, flaunting nepotism, …

then there is the Mueller Report which has gotten on his nerves

Trump/family/cabinet members are facing/fighting back a lot of subpoenas

war for a heavily troubled politician is instant remedy from problems

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Trump’s additional incentives

Sunni-Saudi Arabia would love to see Shia-Iran in flame

worldwide Sunni Muslims population is 85% and Shia Muslims about 15%

the new Saudi ruler is friendly with Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner

Saudis are buying lots of weapons from the US who is raking in the dough

in private, who knows what Saudis are offering Trump and Kushner

Kushner, a Jew, is a family friend of Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel with a pile of about 200 nuclear weapons wants to rule the region

its Premier Netanyahu would like to see Iran disintegrate

Trump initially promised to play fair with Palestinians and Israelis

but then openly sided with Israel, the oppressor of Palestinians

Trump is now openly hostile to Palestinians and its supporter Iran

war on Iran could be an easy way out for Trump from his troubles

CARTOON/Carlos Latuff/Huffington Post

Israel/Israel Lobby

Israel and the Israel Lobby holds immense power in the United States

they have powerful hold over the US Congress and presidents

many of the Congress members and presidents are literally scared of them

this year some new congresspersons are challenging their power

Iran may become the next Iraq or Afghanistan or Vietnam or …

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