King’s hate has reached its zenith


ILLUSTRATION/Yarek Waszul IMAGE/Daily Mail

Steve King, like many Republicans, is a racist

the difference being that he, like President Trump, is an open racist

his mouth keeps on ejecting white nationalist crap

“America is heading in the direction of another Harpers Ferry. After that comes Ft Sumter.”

King’s above statement is referring to the US Civil War of 1861-1865

in doing so, he’s warning the opposition of what could happen

about 50% of the US population belongs to the Democratic Party

so about 165 million people will be King’s target in the civil war

after killing 165,000,000 people, he’ll be left with 7,999,835,000,000 bullets

will everything be OK after getting rid of the people King hates


King will then go after Republicans who differ with him on anything

or those who are not a photo copy of King

people like King are absolutely abnormal people

they don’t believe in equality or diversity

they want people around them who are their clones

it would be better if people like King are put in asylum before it’s too late

his hatred’s zenith made him forget his own state – Iowa

King is a Congressperson from Iowa

Iowa is one of the blue states, i.e., the enemy state!

Blue (Democratic) States:

CA (California), CO (Colorado), CT (Connecticut), DE (Delaware), FL (Florida), HI (Hawaii) IA (Iowa), IL (Illinois), MA (Massachusetts), MD (Maryland), ME (Maine), MI (Michigan), MN (Minnesota), NH (New Hampshire), NJ (New Jersey), NM (New Mexico), NV (Nevada), NY (New York), OH (Ohio), OR (Oregon), PA (Pennsylvania), RI (Rhode Island), VA (Virginia), VT (Vermont), WA (Washington), WI (Wisconsin).

DC (Washington, the US capital).

Red (Republican) states:

AK (Alaska), AR (Arkansas), AZ (Arizona), AL (Alabama), GA (Georgia), ID (Idaho), IN (Indiana), KS (Kansas), KY (Kentucky), LA (Louisiana), MO (Missouri), MS (Mississippi), MT (Montana), NC (North Carolina), ND (North Dakota), NE (Nebraska), OK (Oklahoma), SC (South Carolina), SD (South Dakota), TN (Tennessee), TX (Texas), UT (Utah), WV (West Virginia), WY (Wyoming).


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