Earth gods play with people’s lives


Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg listens as President Donald Trump talks with Boeing test pilot Steve Schmidt during a tour of fighter aircraft at the Boeing Company.” PHOTO/AP/The New Indian Express

Lion Air flight 610 crashed in October 2018 killing 189 people

the plane was US company Boeing 737 of the MAX 800 series

like all giant corporations, Boeing blamed the victim – Lion Air

Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 went down on March 10, 2019

all 159 passengers and crew members were killed

the plane was the same make and model as Lion Air

somebody on Fox TV blamed the Ethiopian Airlines’ pilot

companies/corporations are always portrayed as infallible

in spite of pilots having complained about Boeing 737 Max 8 planes

FAA showed its confidence in Max 8’s “continued airworthiness

Federal Aviation Administration is closely linked to airplane manufacturers

manufacturers’ employees do safety checks on their own planes for FAA

employees are, of course, paid by the manufacturers

Trump gets a call from Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg to avoid any action

(Canada grounded fleet Wednesday morning with lame excuses for delay)

same evening, US became the last country to ground Boeing’s 737 Max 8s

after pressure from various sources, Trump announced the grounding

but not surprisingly he also praised and defended Boeing:

“Boeing is an incredible company

“God bless Boeing”

“Airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly.”

it was like glorifying a murderer at a funeral of the victim

because Boeing and the government players are intricately connected

Trump will try forcing China to buy US made airplanes

Trump’s former US ambassador Haley is nominated as Boeing”s director

she doesn’t believe in unions and worked to crush Boeing’s union)

Trump’s Acting Defense Secretary Shanahan is a former Boeing executive

many politicians get Boeing money to fight elections

over $15 million was spent through lobbyists

Boeing also gave $1 million for Trump’s inauguration

US National Transportation Safety Board wanted to check the black boxes

Ethiopia doesn’t trust the US NTSB to come up with an honest report

it gave the black boxes to a French agency

the video shows people screaming for help, offering prayers

but their fate was sealed by the earthly gods in the most powerful nation

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