GaNd lagi …


Navjot Singh Sidhu (left), a minister in India’s State of Punjab shaking hands with
General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff
PHOTO/Geo TV/Duck Duck Go

since Pakistan’s birth

its army has played a dominant role

four of its generals took power and ruled the country

and when not in power it treats civilian rulers as puppets


the military commands foreign policy and national security

civilian governments can’t befriend a country it considers an enemy

especially, India out of which Pakistan was carved out


civilian governments tried to better relations with India

their efforts were halted by military supported terrorists

but now it wants good relations with India, Afghanistan, and others


why this u turn of heart

two main reasons:

the civilian government is headed by their supporter

who was supported by the military to win election last July

also … Trump has stopped military aid

he thinks Pakistan is getting free lunch from the US

as usual, he’s wrong – but only half-wrong


Pakistan has suffered a lot – senseless deaths and internal terrorism

unveil: the reason military extending friendly hand to neighbor

there is a Hindi/Urdu phrase:

GaNd lagi phatne

to khairAt lagi batne


when the ass gets burst (with fear)

the charity begins getting distributed


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