‘Frankly, I think the UK are being a little arrogant’: Europeans react to the Brexit


“All of Europe’s conservative parties congratulated the UK this morning. If that’s not a bad sign, what is?”

Yesterday, Britain denied the warm/stifling embrace of the European Union. Europe didn’t really see this break-up coming – or rather refused to take Britain’s threats to leave seriously – and there’s no telling whether we can all remain friends.

We got in touch with VICE’s European offices (whether they’re in member states or not) to find out how young people feel about this morning’s news.


Beatrice, 24, Milan, student

“I couldn’t believe the results this morning – I’m very worried. Personally, my plan was to go to the UK once I graduated but now I definitely have to rethink my plans. I am afraid this is the beginning of the end for the European Union, there will surely be a domino effect. I can’t say that the EU is perfect but leaving seems foolish. I hope we’ll never have the same referendum in Italy, because I’m afraid it will have the same result.”

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