Jerry exists; but not really*


Jerry’s mother Neng looks at her son affectionately who’s eating his meal. PHOTO/Katie McQue/The Guardian

one room 16 feet by 10 feet in Dubai

with no windows

and unbearable intense heat

is reality of little Jerry’s world –


if you can fit in with Jerry and 8 other people

you’re most welcome


’cause he’s always there

24/7, 365/366 days


six-year-old Jerry can’t leave the hell hole

it is his only world, galaxy, universe

he never separates that place from him

neither for school nor for a doctor

neither for friends nor for relatives

outside that hell hole he’s non-existent

if he steps outside, questions will be raised

where did Jerry come from?

as his birth is not registered

nor has he flown in from the Philippines with his mother

besides Allah don’t rain children

(Allah only produces bastards like Saudi/UAE rulers

United Arab Emirates is made of 7 emirates

that also includes Dubai)


the Dubai police would want to know:

parent’s names and their martial status


mother is a migrant worker to support family members back home

maid work she had to quit because of nasty employers

someone helped her; impregnated her

didn’t want to own the child so he kicked her out


Neng gave birth to Jerry and ended up in this overcrowded room

she found work where she’s underpaid


going back to Philippines is a death warrant

there’s nothing there except Duterte, a rogue ruler

leaders like Duterte are the in-thing nowadays

from India to Hungary to Brazil

not to forget the Globo Rogue Trump


Jerry simply does not exist for the UAE government

because his birth is not registered

if he goes out and tries to prove his existence

his mother will be behind the bars

because he was born out of wedlock

that’s a big crime in the UAE


Neng has committed “zena,” i.e. sex outside marriage

which in Islamic UAE is a crime

as if this country is innocent of crime

but, of course, the reality is entirely different


UAE has tens of thousands of prostitutes

the country is famous for sex tourism

Dubai alone has 30,000 sex workers


although, prostitution is legally banned

sex workers offer their services publicly

the country has about 6.5 million exploited migrant laborers

in all walks of life, treated inhumanly

one can go on and on …


suffice to say

laws are made to exploit, harass, and screw the common people

religion/nation/corporations are used to create the inhumane laws

without compassion for the average powerless Jerry


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Information about Jerry and Neng is from Katie McQue’s article “‘It’s a very big torture’: the children growing up in hiding in Dubai” in The Guardian of January 2, 2019.)

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