Anti-Empire warrior (1933-2018)


Author/historian William Blum (1933 – 2018) PHOTO/Covert Action Magazine

to the very end, William Blum fought
his battles against the US Empire’s rot
he was one of the stalwarts who listed US crimes
making people aware of these very atrocious times

his books/articles/speeches exposed the Empire’s evil ways
his writing was also laced with humorous rays
sometimes profound words of wisdom he would emit
well documented his research of US violence pit

in last 73 years, US tried to remove over 50 leaders from power
to make the governments carving their own paths to cower
the Empire bombed countries, killed leaders the world over
US soldiers and victim countries’ people became its stover

United States’ “deadliest export” is “democracy”, said Blum
to dust off US resisters, overt and covert fury was a broom
many nations bore the Empire’s wrath for preventing the rob
democracy and values have nothing to do with this greedy gob

anti-Empire warrior William Blum’s departure is a great loss
for the Empire and its news media, he was a sharp tawse
those concerned with the Empire’s force feel his absence vastly
but they’ll have to continue fighting the acts: evil and ghastly

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