Is God an arsonist?


IMAGE/Crooks and Liars

California is engulfed in wildfires; 86 people have died
in this tragedy, 18,000 plus structures got fried
victims in this tragic moment now need solace not shame
but what they got instead, from a conservative, was blame

David Johnson, a Republican county chair, invoked God
which was nothing but a political ploy and a fraud
“California has been overtaken by liberals,” he spewed
the state’s over-taxation/regulation also disturbed his mood

“God’s punishment for liberal California” are those flames
all religious zealots like him are fond of making such claims
this is not restricted to followers of any one religious group
many brains, the world over, are filled with this religious poop

Gandhi linked the 1934 Bihar earthquake with the problem of caste
God’s “divine chastisement” “for our sins” caused the seismic blast
one wonders why God didn’t strike the British colonial places
the world was littered with cruel and controlling British faces

if God really existed and worked in the manner Johnson shows
wildfires would have immersed people indulging in hateful prose
natural phenomenons have nothing to do with God, or any such thing
fanatics should stop evoking the hand of the so-called universe’s King

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