“Crazytown”‘s crazy Fuehrer’s crazy supervisors


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Townsville Magpie

there is a place called “Crazytown
one can also call it Crazystan
since January 2017, it has a new fuehrer, who is also crazy
the requirement for the fuehrer is simply the chronological age –
the mental-age of the candidate applying for fuehrer-ship is not asked

(Crazytown is the name given by the Fuehrer’s Chief of Staff
to the house and office occupied by the Fuehrer
the more appropriate designation would have been Criminaltown
because that’s what the Fuehrer and supervisors are)

the new fuehrer is an unruly and unmanageable child
caged in the body of an adult of 7 decades plus

the position demands some knowledge on certain topics
economics, diplomacy, politics, international relations…
the fuehrer has zero knowledge on any of the subjects
tragically, he believes he has mastery over all these
and he regularly bestows “A-plus” grade on himself for his work
although his every command/utterance creates chaos domestic/international

various people assigned to assist him in managing/solving various issues
are not far from themselves being immersed in this craziness
neither are they very wise or ethical or bright
nor are they any less corrupt/immoral/useless than the Fuehrer
but they have a duty to do, which they keep on performing

to their credit, one has to admit:

it’s not easy to handle this crazy Fuehrer
one never knows how he will react to any particular situation
because his crap and hate filled brain works on impulse
he just can’t hold his wild reaction
it comes out at diarrheic speed from his mouth or fingers

they would steal a letter or not carry out the Fuehrer’s order
what they could have also done was to carry out some symbolic acts such as
giving him paper planes and telling him to hit it on the world map
not all over but two locations: Iran and North Korea

or could have handed him two dolls resembling two leaders:
Iran’s Ali Khamenei and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un
and lots of pins to get orgasmic revenge
by pinching pins on those dolls
in effort to pacify the uncontrollable venom
and allow rational thought to take hold

B. R. Gowani can be reached at brgowani@hotmail.com

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