Bombers/murderers eulogize their own



the bomber/murderer McCain died August 29, 2018
other murderers/bombers gathered to eulogize
the news media was not left out in shedding tears
presenting the showy spectacle to the world
for them he was a “war hero” of US war against Vietnam

most ruling class vocabulary has a different meaning
war hero is one who defends the country when it’s attacked
but the United States was not attacked by Vietnam
US, its war ships, war planes, and soldiers went to Vietnam
which is thousands of miles away from the US

presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush were there
so were their wives and vice presidents
and many other powerful people
in short, all the hypocrites were there

but not the greatest of them all – Donald Trump
who was not invited by the McCain family
Trump may be planning a twitter revenge to heal his wound
the wound will take time to heal
Trump’s ego has been badly nuked

McCain carried out 23 bombing missions over Vietnam
exactly 10 hours and 30 minutes
his plane was shot down; he got captured
he was tortured by the Vietnamese
which is constantly being reminded by all and sundry

no one asked:

what the hell was McCain doing in Vietnam, in the first place?
what does bombing from air do to the people/infrastructure/environment?
how did the wounded cope with their pain and/or loss of limbs?
how did the families of the dead deal with their loss?

McCain was fond of wars:

“That old, eh, that old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran
“Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, anyway, ah …”

McCain had asked Israelis “to go rogue
and start a war against Iran

(Israel, an illegally created country
which is sucking life out of Palestinians
is a a favorite of all those in the pocket of the Israel Lobby

Iran possesses no nuclear weapons
whereas Israel is a nuclear rogue power)

it is the news media’s duty to question actions of their leaders
but the media is also part of the ruling class
so nothing will change nor is there any hope for change
another bomber/murderer will take over John McCain’s place
thus, perpetual war for perpetual peace will continue

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