It’s good when cops take a blissful nap on duty


Chicago police officers sleeping in their police car while on duty PHOTO/Chicago Sun Times

certain neighborhoods in Chicago have violence – a lot
for the city’s peace, progress, and people, it’s a bad blot
the city is run by a Rahmbo, a hawkish corrupt thug
whose work with Clinton proved he’s a racist bug

reasons for shootings and murders there can be many
the solutions too, to reducing the mayhem, can be plenty
however, Rahm Emmanuel, like Trump, believes in law and order
but filled-up jails make him less a mayor, and more of a warder

putting more cops on the streets making them work hours more
so when they’re tired, against the minorities, is violent war
cops murder blacks mercilessly and almost nothing happens to them
some victim families go to court; the city compensates a few some

recently someone filmed these 2 cops, while on duty, sleeping
away from the problems they’re probably digging at the dream jar
CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said: officers “discipline” will face
others pointed out in the police dept, overtime should have no place

the sleeping cops should make people feel super, safe, and secure
because then they won’t be harassing or killing people, for sure
replying a question, Amiri, editor of Gujarati weekly Begum, once said:
“children look beautiful when they’re sleeping,” awake they cause me dread

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