Sexbots and humans


RealDoll creator Matt McMullen in his office at Abyss Creations’ factory, outside San Diego PHOTO/Jonathan Becker/Vanity Fair

men, i.e., homo sapiens, have close relation with sex
whether Lord Krishna or Prophet Muhammad
politician Gandhi or King Henry the VIII
and hundreds of millions of other men
(men is used in a broad sense
transgenders, bisexuals, and others are included, too)
they all had one thing in common:
they liked to have relations with many women

times have changed
these are technological times
now they are making robotic women
(robotic men will be coming too)
which are known as sexbots
they’re also endowed with AI (artificial intelligence)

man buys a sexbot
once both got acquainted
man fulfills all his desires
in all postures, with all gestures
but then misses the human touch
the knowledge that robot can’t be a human
he gradually loses interest in sexbot
but he’s stopped from severing relation with sexbot
sexbot has started enjoying the man’s company
it has locked the door from the inside
it then flushed the key down the toilet flush
that man’s future is bleak
so is the mankind’s

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