The facade of democracy


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the United States is not a true democracy
true democracy cannot be less than socialism
if it was the people’s rule, truly
why would hunger, inequality, racism, incarceration, …
permeate all over the United States

why would they let a few billionaires have so much wealth
where multitudes try to survive daily life like paupers

the US is not even a representative democracy
chasm is huge between the people and their representatives
or more correctly those professing to represent them

President Trump is corrupt to the core
his money is acquired through fraud and bankrupting others
he refuses to disclose his income tax returns
he was drowned in debt and was thus denied any new loans
so he got more than a $1 billion from Germany’s Deutsche Bank
the person who helped smooth the loan was Justin Kennedy
son of US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy
Justice Kennedy was pressurized by Trump & associates to resign
he agreed with a promise that his legacy will be preserved
now Trump will get a more conservative justice
who will go after women’s abortion rights

he hates workers and their rights
he openly incites hatred against minorities
he has no respect for women
his goons snatch and separate children from their mothers
they are ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents

Perez blames Trump rather than agreeing to abolish ICE
Tom Perez is chairperson of Democratic National Committee (DNC)
Democratic Party is the opposition party, mostly only in name
it is equally guilty for poverty, income/wealth disparity, privatization, …

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, $130 billion rich, cheats on taxes
Bezos makes $36,000 a minute
which is almost equivalent to average annual salary of a millennial
but he doesn’t mind seeing homelessness in his hometown Seattle
(Amazon/Starbucks/big corporations refused to pay $40 million tax
to solve homelessness problem in their city)

TIME’s senior national correspondent Michael Grunwald in August 2013

“I can’t wait to write a defense of the drone strike
that takes out Julian Assange.”

TIME correspondent wants to see Assange murdered by US drone
Julian Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks
Assange, a brave soul, deserves a Noble Prize for exposing US crimes

one can go on and on and on
suffice it to say, the system stinks

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