Peace Literacy spotlight: Canadian educators and students


“In a room full of students, teachers and school leaders, Paul inspired all of us with his passionate message about Peace Literacy. I believe everyone should hear this message. It is really a new frame for teaching about educating people to be good citizens and live together in a peaceful manner.” — Brahim Ould Baba, Manitoba Teachers’ Society

Peace Literacy: A Skillset for the 21st Century. Peace Literacy is an international movement. The creator of Peace Literacy is Paul K. Chappell, a multi-racial West Point graduate, former army captain, and Iraq war veteran who grew up in a violent household and struggled with trauma throughout his school years. Realizing that humanity is facing new challenges that require us to become as well-trained in waging peace as soldiers are in waging war, he created Peace Literacy to help students and adults from various backgrounds work toward their full potential and a more peaceful world. Chappell serves as Peace Literacy Director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and lectures and gives workshops across the United States and internationally.

The Peace Literacy Team: Joining Chappell for educator events in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada were Oregon State University Professor, Phronesis Lab Director, and Peace Literacy Curriculum Coordinator Shari Clough, Corvallis High School Vice-Principal and 2011 Oregon State Teacher of the Year Colleen Works, and middle school teacher Susan Radford who teaches in Everett, Washington and has been developing lesson plans for middle school students based on Chappell’s work.

The Story: Chappell and the Peace Literacy Team gave a one-day Peace Literacy workshop to over 70 participants from the Manitoba Department of Education and Training ICAB (Instruction, Curriculum, and Assessment Branch) and two days of Peace Literacy training to over 280 teachers, students, and administrators from across Canada at the National UNESCO Associated Schools Network Conference at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Chappell also spoke to kindergartners and their fifth grade buddies on empathy and peace.

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation for more

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