Democracy is already dead


Businesses owned by Jeff Bezos IMAGE/Market Watch

Washington Post motto: “Democracy Dies in Darkness
truth is democracy dies when there is
inequality, poverty, injustice, racism, mass incarceration, and such ills
for 1/8th of the population dying in poverty, democracy is already dead
US has the highest prison population, for them democracy is already dead –
white population in US is 64%
black population in US prisons is 64%
racism kills democracy too
so on and so forth

Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos
who has got nothing to do with democracy
Bezos’s motto is: power & profit
Washington Post got a $600 billion contract from the US CIA
which serves Bezos’s political agenda

democracy is already dead when Bezos alone has $112 billion
last year he made $39,000,000,000
a great deal is wrong with the system
it’s rotten; it stinks
it’s darkness everywhere
Washington Post created lot of darkness by supporting the US war on Iraq
the Post did that by fake news

there is no democracy
there are only four year facades called elections
to keep people under the illusion that they’ve elected their leaders
it’s the corporations who supports candidates
then who ever wins works for them

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