Handing over our lives to robots


“The robot dance off, held in Guangzhou, Guangdong, was actually a business strategy — a public relations move by WL Intelligent Technology Co., the creators of the humanoid bots. It hosted the event as a way to show off its robot technology, according to a statement from Guinness World Records. Clearly, their public relations strategy worked. The Guinness World Records YouTube video already has hundreds of thousands of views.

The robots in the dance party are called “Dobi” and retail for $329.99. In addition to dancing, the Dobi robot can also do push ups and respond to voice commands.” IMAGE/Know Your Meme TEXT/CNBC

person with little wealth
was in pursuit of little power
bought a little robot
catch/crush flies
robot was performing its work efficiently
would catch flies with its hand
would then crush them with its hands
owner was enjoying his enhanced laziness
then something went tragically wrong
robot’s AI went awry
lost the difference between flies and humans
instead of flies, robot grabbed the owner’s neck
robot became an orphan

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