Selling alcohol and tobacco to the masses – in pictures


A new book tells the 100-year-long tale of how advertising tried to get consumers hooked on both cigarettes and alcohol. Through a selection of ads, companies can be seen employing a number of strategies to sell their products

20th Century Alcohol & Tobacco Ads by Jim Heinmann is available from Taschen

Old Gold employed George Petty, the Esquire pinup artist of the time, who painted his ‘Petty girls’ as a monthly advertising come-on to design ads such as this 1950 example PHOTO/Jim Heimann Collection/TASCHEN

Known as ‘the Turkish cigarette’, Murad was one of many brands employing phallic imagery in their ads, such as this 1919 insert PHOTO/Jim Heimann Collection/TASCHEN

This Schlitz beer ad from 1951 was used in Life magazine. The company’s postwar campaign was focused on the simple pleasures found in daily life PHOTO/Jim Heimann Collection/TASCHEN

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