Surreal realities (7)


Kalicharan Saraf of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) relieving himself on the street. Saraf is health minister of Rajhastan, a state in India PHOTO/Dhaka Tribune

Clean India Campaign means India clean and neat
started by Modi in 2014 with an admiring fleet
by 2019, India should be Open-Defecation Free
because the next election is that year, you see

some of his ministers zealously perform the task
but being in a hurry they forget to put on a mask
social media ridicules them, being a target easy
comments can be humorous, obnoxious, or cheesy

recently Kalicharan Saraf was seen in such an act
he was urinating on a pink wall in the Pink City, a fact
he’s a health minister and was probably cleaning the wall
“not a big issue” was his response to media wrawl

last November Ram Shinde was found relieving himself outside
by giving a long ministerial excuse to save his face, he tried
this Modi’s man handles Water Conservation in Maharashtra state
but seems like he can’t conserve his water for a while, i.e., wait

or perhaps these ministers were washing off the blood stains
of the minorities’ blood which can be seen on walls and lanes
many of their violent Hindus believe India belongs only to Hindus
rest are to be converted, expelled, or killed are their views

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