Netanyahu and Modi – hypocrites par excellence



both Modi’s and Netanyahu’s hands are with blood filled
the blood is that of members of minorities killed
people are oppressed in occupied lands where they rule
Kashmir by Modi and Palestine by Netanyahu cruel

Netanyahu and Modi have in common one other thing
their hatred of Muslims brings them closer and cling
wish Trump, like Netanyahu, were visiting India too
three would have helluva time cursing Muslims and boo

hypocrites Netanyahu and Modi tried to present a decent face
and hid their fascist nature and crimes with Gandhian lace
with Gandhi or his ideas both of them have nothing to do
they wanted to mask their heinousness with a peace hue

Netanyahu’s violent hands used to killing and holding gun
had to, for public consumption, spin cotton which was no fun
he wrote: “An inspiring visit to the hearth” of great soul
one of humanity’s great prophets of inspiration” and model role

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(Thanks to Robin Khundkar for the picture)

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