The dispensable human future


“The SecondHands robot prototype ARMAR-6 has been developed at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) by Tamim Asfour and his team at the High Performance Humanoid Technologies Lab (H²T) of the Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics.” PHOTO/Logistics Business


vile rich class has been busy filling its greedy bank
it treats the planet as free cheap labor-supplying tank
slaves, bonded and underpaid, make them ultra rich
in amassing more wealth, the affluent want no glitch

the robots can work 24/7; no breaks/holidays/or days off
to pee, like Amazon workers, they won’t need a trough
robot future is bright; they won’t need to be thrown out
until artificial intelligence robots give a rebel shout

in near future, the class will realize yet another dream
workers won’t protest or demand a share in their cream
most laborers will vanish with new technological gains
as robots will free the rich class from any moral chains

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