Roboticist claims he’ll soon be able to have a baby with his robot lover


Sergi Santos with his robot PHOTO/Quartz

A sex robot creator has claimed that he will soon be able to have a baby with his robot lover.

Sergi Santos, an electronic engineer and expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI), also believes it is just a matter of time before machines are doing human jobs and marrying into human families, The Independent reported.

The roboticist, who lives on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain, said he would “love” to have a child with his robotic partner, and that it would be “extremely simple”.

“Using the brain I have already created, I would programme it with a genome so he or she could have moral values, plus concepts of beauty, justice and the values that humans have,” he said.

“Then to create a child with this robot it would be extremely simple. I would make an algorithm of what I personally believe about these concepts and then shuffle it with what she thinks and then 3D print it.

“That’s it. I 3D print the robot that is the child of me and the robot. I don’t see any complications.”

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Santos has had a real wife for 16 years. But Maritsa Kissamitaky apparently has no problem with his second relationship, and even helps with the development of robot prototypes.

The designer says that having regular intercourse with his robot, called “Samantha”, has improved his sex life with Kissamitaky.

It is also claimed his android has the ability to create emotional ties, can progress through different emotional modes, and has the ability to makes “realistic” orgasm sounds.

AI is making its way into the global sex market, bringing with it a revolution in robotic “sextech” designed to offer sexual gratification with a near-human touch, Reuters reported.

But the arrival of sex robots has divided opinion. Inventors like Santos argue they can potentially replace sex workers, reduce sex trafficking and help lonely people, while critics say they objectify women and normalize sexism and rape culture.

Roboticists like Santos and those from US-based Abyss Creations are racing to become the first in the world to bring sex robots – which talk and respond to touch through AI technology – to the consumer market.

Sex robots at bigger companies like Abyss Creations will start from about $10,000 depending on added extras.

Experts say the increasingly life-like robots raise complex issues that should be considered by policymakers and the public – including whether use of such devices should be encouraged to curb prostitution and sex trafficking, for sex offenders, or for people with disabilities.

London-based AI researcher David Levy predicted in his 2007 book “Love and Sex with Robots” that humans would have sex, fall in love and even marry robots by 2050.

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