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A new novel, RPS/2044, now available on Amazon, is an oral history in which eighteen interviewees living in a world time-shifted 28 years from ours recount their next American Revolution’s birth, maturation, and lessons.

Two future interviewees have already prepared articles presenting their thoughts regarding the book and others will likely follow. All eighteen interviewees have written short testimonials. It is unorthodox, but I am channeling a lot of future folks and in coming weeks, such future-based materials, plus testimonials from noted contemporary activists, will be emailed widely, as well as appearing on the book’s (already available) extensive web site.

Still, I suspect RPS/2044 will need additional support to reach its audience, which explains this request sent to Z Users seeking your help.

If interested:

At anytime, you can post a question via the book’s website for one or more interviewees to answer;
You can forward materials you receive from us to people outside the reach of Z’s lists;
You can use social media to circulate materials;
You can paste a short reader review on the book’s Amazon page to great effect;
And/or once you have had a chance to read RPS/2044, either the ebook or the paperback, you can write up your thoughts to submit to whatever venue you like (and to Z as well).

I hope this email isn’t intrusive and that you will consider the above options.

Below are promotional testimonials from the interviewees that will soon go out more widely. Please let me know if you have suggestions for the testimonials, or, even more so, for the two articles by interviewees you can already find on the RPS/2044 website.

I hope to see you on the site soon – perhaps you will even take a moment to send me a question or two to relay to an interviewee for him or her to answer on the site. Some examples of that are already there for you to see.

The first testimonials from living activists, Chomsky, Kelly, Pilger, Hoodbhoy, Peters, Rai, Brecher, Adamovsky, Shalom, Zollman, and Early are also on the site now.

And here, from the web site, are the hopefully informative interviewee testimonials about RPS/2044 too:

“I spent most of my life in movements that lost, lost, lost – and then, suddenly, learning from the losses, I spent the last twenty-five years in a movement that is winning. RPS/2044 tells that tale, but it doesn’t highlight people, or herculean personal greatness. It highlights the collective intellectual muscle and emotional sinews of social change. It rejects even the idea of a blueprint to blindly follow and instead offers a template on which to imprint one’s own insights. The book’s unfolding panorama of change is remarkable, but it is also true. Our epoch has very few accounts that highlight the highly dramatic specifically to hone in on what has made it all possible and real. This is one. This lights up our stage.”

Lydia Luxembourg, 2042

“Guevara’s book takes 18 long interviews, splices them into sections, and then merges sections from each with sections from others in 30 chapters. The result is a biography of ideas, a principia of intentions, aims, and methods, and yet, as history goes, this oral history is preeminently human. I am proud to have contributed my words, but mostly I am excited about the rest of it, and I wonder how many people will consider its many messages with the elevated attentiveness I find myself giving. We have more power than we know.”

Bertrand Dellinger, 2042

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