Zuckerberg – the next US president


Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook visiting the 50 states in the United States and doing things politicians do – that is making people feel happy that he is one of them, even if for few seconds or few minutes PHOTOS/Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook/The Guardian & The Guardian

legal requirements to become the US president:
must be born in the US
has been resident in the US for 14 years
must be 35 years of age

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook
is born in the United States
(on May 14, 1984)
has lived in the US for more than 14 years
will be 35 before the election day
(Tuesday – 3rd November 2020)

(my youngest nephew quipped:
“God had willed it
that Zuckerberg should turn 35 in 2020,
perfect timing!”)

so Zuckerberg meets all the legal requirements

what are the unwritten demands:
should have tons of money or access to tons of money
should be hypocrite, should know bullshitting and how to fake
should be highly ambitious
should know how to screw the general populace
should have the strategy to control the entire world
should be religious or pretends to be religious

Zuckerberg has tons of money and access to tons of money
he’s a hypocrite, knows bullshitting and how to fake
he’s extremely ambitious
knows how to fuck people
Facebook is his weapon of mass control
he was an atheist but suddenly found religion

“…I was raised Jewish
and then I went through a period where I questioned things,
but now I believe religion is very important.”

Zuckerberg passed the unwritten demands too

another thing:
tax cheating is no hindrance but is a plus point
(look at our present president)
(billionaire Zuckerberg owes IRS $3 to $5 billion
but he’s neither scared nor gives IRS a damn
Trump doesn’t like paying taxes either)

language is another important instrument of politicians
Zuckerberg knows politicians’ language
which is not dissimilar to capitalists’ talk

Zuckerberg writes about Jed Gant, a Wisconsin farmer, and his family:

“The family is incredibly disciplined.
Everyone works daylight to dark, seven days a week.”

then he quotes Jed Gant:

“‘If you don’t take the [subsidy] check,
they [government] can’t tell you what to do.'”

back to Zuckerberg:

Their self-reliance is impressive.

filthy rich expects the same thing
from working class people:
no help from the government; discipline, self reliance
because reliance on government, undiscipline, and subsidies
(also called “wealthfare”)
are the prerogatives of the capitalists and corporations

Zuckerberg will face a couple of problems:
anti-Semites will go after his Jewishness
Muslims will expect some Palestine solution

and who knows
discredited, besieged, and/or impeached Trump
might push Jared Kushner (a Jew) to face Zuckerberg
(Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law
and was born on January 10, 1981)

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