Sunni Muslims have three caliphs at present


Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R) and Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud shake hands during a ceremony in Ankara, April 12, 2016 PHOTO/Reuters/Umit Bektas/Al Monitor

New images purport to show the Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi PHOTO/Independent

Caliph means “successor of the Messenger of God”
so khalifah rasul Allah is a just leader, not fraud
to look after the world’s Muslims, is his duty
without worrying about any risk to his own booty

at times, Muslims had caliphs more than one
for sure, people and critics would have had fun
this is not unique to any one religious group
it was also experienced by the Christian troop

the institute of caliphate was abolished in 1924
but in 2014 we heard new caliph Baghdadi‘s roar
attended by rapes, violence, killings, and madness
dreams some Muslims had were turned into sadness

Baghdadi declared his dream in an open manner
whereas Saudis do it under “custodian” banner
Turkey’s Erdogan also wants a hold on Muslim nation
and wants to capture higher than a president station

probably killed by the world caliph, Baghdadi is no more
world caliph is our own Obama, the master of drone war
in today’s internet era, no one caliph can represent all
and so the Islamic State is facing a multi-enemy wall

it seems, Erdogan wants to revive the Ottoman reign
and so he’s trying to overwork his Islamist brain
he sympathizes with a war criminal to gain fame
and sacks his prime minister without any shame

Saudi kings, though undeclared, are the caliph true
with their money and Wahhabism they Muslims screw
they have nothing to do with education or reason
they only export rigid Islam, whatever the season

it’s the greatest tragedy of most Muslims all over
that they have a Saudi who acts as their drover
then there is a Turk who wants to be their chief
and a horrible “Islamic State” which is not brief

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