Kill those stupid bastards


It seems to me that people from Pakistan’s ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) are stupid bastards. That’s because none of them is really educated.

How do I know?

Have you not seen those idiots shot dead by Raymond Davis (the CIA agent)?

What kind of idiots get killed 2 vs. 1

They are only trained to kill unarmed Pakistanis. Those ISI guys perhaps were recruited out of high school with C grade and were not even trained to shoot properly.

Now these duffers do not know that by killing or threatening people right and left, they are not going to win. Sooner or later people will rise and there will be no ISI.

Why do we have to have ISI anyways?

Can not someone dismiss the whole damn department? The journalist community has to understand that it can not compete against guns with just pen.

You have to have guns to shoot back at them.

Why do these guys who are threatened do not carry a gun or have a bodyguard?

I say hire goondas (goons) and start getting them killed. People do not stop harming others unless there are consequences. Kill several of ISI agents “mysteriously” and then see what happens.

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