The Viewpoint

By Ingrid B Mørk

The vultures have been circling; they descended on Sharm el-Sheikh.
Was it all about the gas??

Funny, isn’t it, how no-one mentions the gas.
I have it on authority that the gas field off the coast of Gaza is worth $4 billion, that it belongs to the Palestinians, that the Israelis will steal it, by force and that this has been their agenda since the year 2000. I was told this, by the same person, who told me the same things, several years ago.

In that case, the recent carnage in Gaza and previous attempts to overthrow Hamas, had nothing at all to do with the squibs Hamas fire from Palestinian land, into Palestinian land.

All the death and destruction, the starving of the people of Gaza, the attempted coup by Fatah and the attempted emasculation of Hamas, was because Israel wants yet another resource which the Palestinians have. The gas.

John Ging talking on the BBC about the devastation in Gaza by the Zionists asked, “For what.”
The Zionists want Gaza and its natural gas field; they are doing a deal with BG.
They are paranoid and they are dangerous.
Livni has announced that they are not finished with Gaza.
The Egyptian soldiers are apparently erecting tent villages for the “refugees”. Part of the Zionist plan is to “transfer” the Palestinian “refugees” from Gaza into Egypt, and then they can concentrate on the West Bank. The plan for the “refugees” there is to transfer them into Jordan, and then they have it all. I believe they want southern Lebanon and parts of Syria and Iran as well. I hope the Arabs get their act together before it’s too late.

Yes, everything is out in the open, (well almost everything.) Naked aggression toward the Palestinians, which means that the Zionists thumb their noses at world opinion because they know, as do the rest of us, that loyalty for them is bought, with the hard-earned dollars of the US, UK and European tax-payer.
On the other hand, the love and the outpouring of grief and anger by millions of “ordinary, extraordinary,” people, in towns and cities worldwide, comes from the heart and is, therefore, priceless.
It remains to be seen which will vanquish the other. I’m rooting for the latter.
If the US tax-payers begin demanding accountability for the use, or misuse of their tax dollars, as well as tax payers in European countries, maybe then the mighty, aggressive, Zionist war machine will grind to a halt.
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