Diabetes ‘impact on brain power’

It is vital for patients to keep their blood sugar levels under control
Failure to control type 2 diabetes may have a long-term impact on the brain, research has suggested.

Severe hypoglycaemic episodes – hypos – occur when blood sugar levels drop dangerously low.
A University of Edinburgh team found they may lead to poorer memory and diminished brain power.
The study, based on 1,066 people with type 2 diabetes aged between 60 and 75, was presented at a conference of the charity Diabetes UK.
The volunteers completed seven tests assessing mental abilities such as memory, logic and concentration.

1. Hypoglycaemia is caused by a lack of sugar (glucose) reaching the brain, which uses it as fuel
2. Symptoms can include sweating, fatigue, hunger, feeling dizzy, feeling weak, a higher heart rate than usual and blurred vision
3. More severe episodes can led to temporary loss of consciousness, convulsions and coma

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