If the Mullah Raj comes to Pakistan


Fazlurahman, the leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam delivers a speech to supporters of Pakistani religious parties during a rally to protest against any attempts to modify blasphemy laws, in Karachi on Jan. 9, 2011.” PHOTO/AP/Hindu

Prime Minister: Muhammad ibn Abdullah (570-632 CE)
President: Allah Tabarak wa Taala
Constitution: Koran
Government: Islamic
Education: Islamic
Economy: Islamic
Science: Islamic:
Arts: Islamic:

in short, everything will be Islamic
except the technology and weapons
that will be of the white infidels

but, very soon, they and all other infidels
will be converted to Islam
and finally there will be an Islamic world

neither Prophet Muhammad nor Allah is around
so the Mullahs (not the peaceful ones, but the wild ones)
with the help of Taliban, Al Qaeda, and other such outfits
will rule the country according to the Constitution

most probably they will not have any problem, because
the Constitution has everything in it
past, present, & future
it knew about Americas, Antarctica, Pluto, Lucy
DNA, internet, cloning, Neanderthals, telescope
and it knows of all the future discoveries
but for one thing:
that the only country created in the name of Islam*
will screw itself up in the name of Islam

and if these Mullahs face any problem
the tool called “interpretation”
(one of the oldest tools–universally used and most useful)
could always be utilized
and they can also get help from their
Public Relations Minister, Imran Khan

freedom of the press and of speech:
there will be total freedom to
praise Islam, Koran, Muhammad, …
and total freedom to malign all other religions,
their scriptures, their founders, their gods, goddesses, …

Women and girls will have total freedom to wear burqas
and those girls and women who don’t want to wear burqas
will have total freedom to confine themselves
in the four walls of their houses or shacks

The Mullahs will rule until the the Dooms day
not the universal Dooms Day
each country will have its own Dooms Day
Pakistan is next in line (according to reliable Islamic sources)

B. R. Gowani can be reached at brgowani@hotmail.com

*The only other country created in the name of religion (in 1948, on the Palestinian land) is Israel, equally troublesome.

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