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Here is today’s verse (She’r) & its explanation in Urdu, Gujarati, and English.

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These are the 4th & 5th verses of Ghalib’s 16th Ghazal.

Verse 4
Kuchh na ki, apne junun-e-na-rasa ne, varna yaaN
My short falling love craze deprived me, otherwise here on this earth,
Zar’ra zar’ra, rookaksh-e-khursheed-e-aalam tab tha
Every particle dares the world-shining mighty sun
Kuch na ki = didn’t do any thing, kept deprived Junun-e-na-rasa = love craze that fell short in reaching the target
Zar’ra Zar’ra= every particle Rookash = Daring, Challenging Khursheed=Sun Aalam taab=world shining

Verse 2
Aaj kyoN parva nahiN, apne aseeroN ki tujhe?
Why you do not care for your love-captives, anymore?
Kal talak, tera bhi dil, mehr-o-vafa ka baab tha
Until yesterday, your heart was a fountain of care and loyalty
parva = care Aseer=captive
Mehr = kindness, vafa=loyalty baab=chapter, door, mother fountain

In the following verses, Ghalib complains about his under reaching love and about his beloved’s indifferent attitude.

Verse 4:- In this verse, Ghalib laments his failed love. He says my short falling love kept me from success. My short falling love craze earned me a defeat. Otherwise, in this world, a tiny valueless particle dares the world shining mighty sun. In other words because my love fell short on its target, I became inferior to even a tiny particle. Had my love succeeded or even if I had perished in love and became dust, every particle of my dust would have dared the world shining mighty sun.

Every particle has capacity to become a sun. Every particle has an urge becoming a sun. Anyone pursuing single-mindedly can become God. However, a weak person cannot achieve this stage. Upanishad mentions that a weak person cannot see his soul.

Verse 5: In this verse, Ghalib talks about the changed attitude of his beloved. He says I do not understand what has happened to you. We, who are captive and bound in love, you do not care for them, anymore. Before, you were not like this. In past, your heart was also was gushing with love and loyalty and you took good care of your captive lovers.

When our own, for whom we forfeit our souls and hearts, keep away from us and become indifferent, this verse comes to our mind.


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