Civil Dictator Zardari Orders Mass Arrests

Media is reporting that Zardari regime has ordered the mass arrests of politicians and lawyers in Punjab. Section 144 has also been imposed in Punjab and Islamabad and police has started to hijack large trucks with containers around Islamabad.
-Police raids in Lahore on homes and offices of PMLN leaders Bilal Yaseen(MNA) and Ajaasam Sharif (MPA).
-Army and Rangers to be deployed in ’sensitive’ Districts.
-Police Raids at residence of PMLN MPA Raheela Khadim Hussain and Waseem Qadir.
-13 PMLN workers arrested in Sargodha.
-Raid at residence of PMLN MPA Shehar Riaz in Rawalpindi.Security Guard and worker arrested.
-Raid at Residence of PMLN MNA Imran Shah in Sahiwal.
-One PMLN workers injured in a firing incident in Multan
-Crackdown in Karachi started.
-Raid at residence of PMLN MNA Shiekh Rohail Asghar in Lahore.
-Raid at residence of Aitzaz Ahsan in Lahore.
-Rangers refuse to send additional force in all over Punjab.
-Crackdown to arrest PMLN leaders in Multan.
-Police Raids to arrest political workers in all over Punjab, dozens arrested.
-Raid at residence of Taufeeq Asif, President of District bar Rawalpindi.
-Raid to arrest PMLN MNA Naseer Bhutta in Lahore.
-4 PMLN workers arrested in Fort Abbas, Bahawalnagar.

(Submitted by Barrister Abdul Hamid Bashani Khan)

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