Puppy Blair becomes Sir Blair


CARTOON/Dear Kitty
Anti-war protesters in London in 2003 hold up placards with an image of Tony Blair. PHOTO/South China Morning Post
A YouGov poll at the start of January found almost two thirds of Brits disapprove of Sir Tony getting the honour IMAGE/Daily Mail
IMAGE/Duck Duck Go
IMAGE/Duck Duck Go

puppy Blair has become Sir Blair — thanks to the English Queen

Queen Elizabeth has gone crazy

but then she has been never been a very sharp person

she’s 95 but just loves power, prestige, pelf

doesn’t want to transfer power to her son Charles or grandson William

soon Charles will be in wheelchair and William will be walking with walker

but Queen will be going strong and stronger

power is an elixir

one cannot say that Blair should be the last person to be knighted

the knighthood is bestowed on people who Britain finds useful

what is troublesome is the sheer hypocrisy involved in selection

no thought is given to the record of the knighthood candidates

ignoring the candidates’ murderous reign and people’s protest

about 2/3rd of the British people opposed Tony Blair’s knighthood

but Britain which calls itself a democracy ignored their objection

Blair became George W Bush’s puppy and followed him into wars

ruined Afghanistan was ruined more by merciless bombing

destroyed Iraq faced more destruction by US/British troops

destroyers/murderers have their excuses and reasoning

Blair defended him thus:

“Of course, you struggle with your own conscience about it… and it’s one of these situations that, I suppose, very few people ever find themselves in.”

“In the end, there is a judgement that, I think if you have faith about these things, you realise that judgement is made by other people… and if you believe in God, it’s made by God as well.”

“When you’re faced with a decision like that, some of those decisions have been very, very difficult, most of all because you know these are people’s lives and, in some case, their deaths.

“The only way you can take a decision like that is to do the right thing according to your conscience.”

of course, Blair was awarded for playing Bush’s puppy

Bush honored him with Presidential Medal of Freedom

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