Covid lockdown


Famous Times Square of the New York City looks like a ghost town in a March 16, 2020 photo in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic PHOTO/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images/Forbes/Duck Duck Go

Surreal as if trapped inside a scifi movie

Always wanted to be cast in one; just not like this.

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months

Daily work, social interactions go virtual; staying safe in self imposed exile.

Birds flying in wild abandon while humans stay caged in boxes.

Some little, some large, boxes yet!

Superheroes fighting the fight

Valiantly taking on the exponential curve

Not in capes but in scrubs

Superheroes still short of their weapons

My most advanced country struggling to equip them

Go out for a a cautious walk.

Feel safer walking in the middle of the road then on the sidewalk when humans passing by

Air is clearer. Nature sounds crisper

People though at a distance smile broader,

Acknowledge you passing by more eagerly

Google and Bing yield more bad news

People turning into numbers, numbers to statistics

Just watched news; still hungrily lap up more

News ups the anxiety;  anxiety ups forced trips to the grocery

Everyone in the aisles have learnt more patience

Waiting their turn to pick up stuff

Fear is a great teacher

Masked faces and gloved hands make everyday Halloween 

Silent carriers offering tricks; no treats

Around 8 thousand die daily in the USA anyways

Is this fear spike warranted with a few more?

Every tragedy is an opportunity

What are our priorities? We are but travelers

What is it that we hope to achieve during our stay on mother earth?

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