Amar and Meghna’s confrontation

A scene from the 1998 movie Dil Se (From the Heart). Manisha Koirala is a suicide bomber from the North eastern region of India and Shahrukh Khan is an All-India Radio journalist from Delhi. The occasion is India’s 50th Independence Day celebration (1947-1997). Mani Ratnam is the writer/director. Music is by A. R. Rahman, singer is Sonu Nigam, and poet is Gulzar. The couplet means:
Let me sleep in the lap of death
Let me drown my body in your soul

The film’s website
The film’s website describes that the film’s progression is similar to the seven shades of love enumerated in ancient Arabic literature: attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession, and death. (ed.)

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